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Distances At The Revelstoke Golf Club Can Be Misleading

By Gord Montgomery, Senior Writer, Inside Golf

At first glance, golfers heading to the Revelstoke Golf Club likely think they’re about to feast on birdies and pars. But be warned: Don’t let the yardages on the scorecard fool you. This 180hole layout may be short on paper but it plays the long game with you.
Dean Jackson, the course’s General Manager and Director of Golf noted that while this picturesque golfing playground maxes out at just over 6,500 yards it plays to more. Much more in fact.

“The front nine is heavily tree-lined so it’s very tight,” he began in describing what protects this 18-hole gem against birdie hunters. “The course record from the Blues (the back tee) is 64 and it’s been standing for about 15 years. We’ve hosted some pretty major events here,” including the PGA of BC Championship last year, which features the best club professional golfers in the province. “And 66 was the best score from the back tees!”

Those front nine fairways are so well protected, Jackson noted, coming off that and heading to the back, you’ll likely be pleased with only a square or two, or maybe three, on your scorecard rather than a plethora of circles. The reason? Well, there are a few..

“We’re actually only about 1,500 feet above sea level,” so despite being surrounded by mountains, the ball doesn’t carry like one would expect. “We’re in the valley. We do have mountain backdrops on every shot …. and really, a 300-yard drive here is a massive drive!” Meaning that 6,500 yards plays much longer. Right? “Yeah, the length on the scorecard is very deceiving.”

“You want to keep your ball in the fairway as much as possible,” on the opening nine, he connoted. “If you hit it in the trees you will find your ball. We’re very friendly that way. Our underbrush is all cleared and we keep the canopy high on the big trees. But, if you’re in there you’re going to have to punch out. It’s very penalizing if you go into the trees and that’s almost a guaranteed bogey or double bogey. To get up and down to make par is tough if you’re not in the fairway.”

What also protects the course are the greens here. They’re on the smaller side and have very subtle breaks. The original nine on the layout was put together in 1924 while the second nine came to life in 1976. “They are different layouts for sure,” said Jackson.
The good news in attempting to put a few circles on your card is that the back nine opens up. “There are less trees back there. There are still trees out there but they are less intimidating.”

However, that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. The course has a total of 42 bunkers and also brings water into play on a few holes.

“Five holes go out into a peninsula by the Columbia River,” Jackson noted. “The river wraps around the golf course. This property is beautiful.”

To get to this golfing gem doesn’t take much more than a good drive and maybe a short wedge shot to access the club from the Trans Canada Highway.

“Yeah, we’re just off the highway. Nothing in Revelstoke is far,” but that doesn’t mean traffic noise is an issue here. “There’s zero traffic noise. It’s as peaceful as it gets here!”

So, remember: Yardages can be deceiving and that is most certainly the case at the Revelstoke Golf Club that is nestled into a valley and surrounded by mountains and quietness.

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