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Millwoods GC

Millwoods GC

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4540 – 50 Street Edmonton, AB T67 6P6

Public Golf Course

Holes: 18   |   Par: 72

6,778 Yards


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Millwoods GC

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All rates include 18 holes, power cart & driving range.

Millwoods Rates per Player:

Monday – Thursday excluding holidays:  $84.76 plus GST

Friday – Sunday including holidays:  $94.29 plus GST

Play Golf Alberta’s Rates per Player:

Monday – Thursday excluding holidays: $75-$80 plus GST

Friday – Sunday including holidays: $85-$90 plus GST

Mill Woods Golf Course is operated by MCARFA (Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association), who’s mandate is to build and operate recreational and cultural facilities for the Mill Woods Community and the City of Edmonton.

In the 1980’s, the City of Edmonton was the main developer of the community of Mill Woods. At that time, the Mill Woods Golf Course was to be developed by the City of Edmonton. Because of financial restraints, the Golf Course development and operation was offered to MCARFA. MCARFA had worked with the city to develop the arenas at the Mill Woods Recreation Center. MCARFA took over operation of the Mill Woods Golf Course in June 1989. MCARFA also kept up it’s mandate of developing community facilities by developing the track at the Campus Site by the High Schools in Mill Woods, resurfacing of the tennis courts, developing the $4.2 million dollar Jackie Parker Recreation Area and in 2003, building the 3-B (Blade, Bike, Board) Park for the Mill Woods Community.

MCARFA has been successfully providing recreational services to our community for over 45 years. Our emphasis has always been on quality.

The Mill Woods Golf Course is the first facility that has been operated by MCARFA. MCARFA appoints members to the Mill Woods Golf Course Operating Committee, which meets with the Director of Golf, Business Manager and Superintendent to manage the facility. The Operating Committee’s mandate is to be known for our excellent product and friendly, helpful service.

Mill Woods Golf Course very deeply wishes to provide the best Golfing experiences and facilities to our customers and the friendliest, cheeriest and most enthusiastic Customer Service.

Women’s Tee Boxes:

Copper:  Yards – 5,852  Slope – 115  Rating – 72.4

White:  Yards – 6,334  Slope – 123   Rating – 75.1

Men’s Tee Boxes:

White:  Yards – 6,344 Slope – 118  Rating – 69.9

Black:  Yards – 6,778  Slope – 123  Rating – 72.0



Mill Woods GC an unexpected pleasure to play

By Gord Montgomery – Senior Writer, Inside Golf

Golf is full of unexpected but happy surprises. You know: Your off-line drive hits a tree and bounds back into the middle of the fairway. Or your approach shot is hit fat but lands on a sprinkler head and ends up on the green, leaving you a makable birdie putt. Or, you tee it up on a course you don’t know much about and find it to be one of those pleasant surprises.

That last descriptor fits the Mill Woods Golf Course, located in south Edmonton, too a tee. The first nine holes are on quite level terrain, but when you make the turn the landscape changes giving you a number of uphill challenges waiting for your best effort. And yes, there are trees, and sprinkler heads out there to lend  you an occasional helping hand.

This 18-hole layout has an interesting history as it was originally to be operated by the City of Edmonton in conjunction with the growth of the Mill Woods area. But, financial circumstances dictated that idea to be trashed and as such, a community association took over the operation in 1989. And from there, this course has thrived.

Speaking to what lays in front of the newbie at his track, or even those who have played here dozens of times, the Director Golf, James Whitton, noted that while the layout may look placid it’s anything but, especially when you pull out the flat stick.

“Mill Woods is very playable. It really covers all skill levels really well,” he began before describing what a player has to bear in mind when taking on this course. Ir has three tee boxes playing at distances of 6,778; 6,334, and 5,852 yards. “Our biggest defence is our greens. We like them fast and if you’re putting well, you’ll probably score well. But, if you’re not and leaving yourself in tough spots, you’re going to know it!”

The pro continued by pointing out you want to leave your approach shots below the hole on the rather small greens. “There are subtle breaks. You really have to watch where you are; if you’re above the hole, it’s dangerous. It’s the subtle breaks that you really have to watch out for. And you do have to watch the grain a little bit in certain spots. But, you can play here a long, long time and Mill Woods can still surprise you!”

That said, the greens here are in great condition with those downhill putts akin to rolling a marble across a sheet of glass and hoping it stops somewhere on that surface. That being said, the fairways at Mill Woods GC are wide and carpet-smooth making for perfect lies for approach shots. While the rough is thick here it’s not too penal if your ball is struck properly, so missing the short grass isn’t the worst thing.

There isn’t a great deal of water at Mill Woods GC and some of the bunkers are being eliminated, replaced with some strategic mounding, Whitton noted. “It’s very aesthetically pleasing to look at, replacing those bunkers with mounding. There are still a fair amount of bunkers but if you’re playing target golf and hitting quality shots, you’ll be OK around here.”

What can add to the challenge here are some of the par-4 holes that are rather long, including five that are very close to, or over 400 yards off the middle white tee markers. As well, there is a par-3 on the back nine that measures out at 204 yards, so you best make sure your big stick is working well here. But really, that’s not much of a downside to a course which proved to be a wonderful surprise. What was also a nice surprise is the pace of play at this busy course, as regulars say a round takes just over four hours, if not quicker.

One really strong factor about this facility is that if you’re into warming up prior to playing, the Mill Woods Golf Course is the perfect fit for that. They offer a 30-stall driving range; a practice chipping area; and a slick putting green with some of those subtle breaks to get you prepared for what lies in wait. As well, there are teaching pros on staff if your game really need help.

In the discussion about this facility, Whitton finished by saying, “It’s a friendly atmosphere here. It’s meant to be fun. It’s wonderful mojo here and you take that feeling with you when you go out onto the golf course. It’s green and pristine. It’s addictive!” much like good surprises, on a golf course or anywhere for that matter, tend to be.

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