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Leduc Golf Club

Leduc Golf Club

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5725 Black Gold Drive, Leduc

Semi-Private Golf Course

Holes: 18   |   Par: 71

6,686 Yards

From Edmonton take Highway 2 South to Leduc. Take the Highway 39 exit West (towards Drayton Valley). Turn left at Alton Drive and proceed to the second 4-way stop. Turn left onto Black Gold Drive (Now you are driving South East). Turn right at the entrance to Leduc Golf Club.

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Leduc Golf Club

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All rates include 18 holes, power cart & driving range.

Leduc’s Rates per Player:

Monday – Thursday excluding holidays:  $87 plus GST

Friday – Sunday including holidays:  $96 plus GST

Play Golf Alberta’s Rates per Player:

Monday – Thursday excluding holidays:  $45-$60 plus GST

Friday – Sunday including holidays:  $55-$70 plus GST

The Leduc Golf Club is a semi-private facility that welcomes the public to enjoy both the golf course and our excellent dining room, known as Leduc Cook House. Leduc Golf Club began as a nine hole course in 1961. Over the years it has undergone a number of changes and has evolved into a challenging eighteen hole test of your golfing prowess. The course is a Par 71 and boasts more than 6,600 yards of fairways. In addition, the layout provides an easy walking course with plenty of eye-pleasing scenery.

Women’s Tee Boxes:

Red:  Yards – 5,686 Slope – 127  Rating – 71.2

White:  Yards – 6,161  Slope – 131  Rating – 75.4

Men’s Tee Boxes:

White:  Yards – 6,161  Slope – 124  Rating – 64.9

Blue:  Yards – 6,455  Slope – 125  Rating – 70.9

Gold:  Yards – 6,686  Slope – 126  Rating – 72.0

Leduc Golf Club steps up game with new clubhouse, tee box improvements 

By Gord Montgomery – Western Canada Senior Writer, Inside Golf

When people hear of upgrades to a golf facility their first thought is likely along the lines of the tees, fairways, or greens getting a facelift. But, remodelling a golfers hangout can go further than something in the great outdoors, as shown by the Leduc Golf Club.

After consultation with the City of Leduc, the two entities came to a land swap agreement to partner and in doing so, a major upgrade was made to the decades old clubhouse. Now, patrons of the game, and others who just want a place to meet and socialize, has taken form in the community. And, it’s well worth the visit whether it’s after 18 holes, a hard day at the office, or for a bigger gathering like a wedding or anniversary.

The club’s Executive Director and CPGA Professional, James Whitton, said the multi-million dollar building offers everything anyone could want in such a facility, which is open to the public on a year-round basis.

“The wrecking ball swung last August 12th. They built through the winter,” but a few “unforseens,” as Whiton put it, backed that opening date up a bit. “Now, we have all our services under one roof. We have a brand new pro shop. We have a brand new lounge and patio. You have to go a very long way to find a better patio than ours. It overlooks a green space, the ninth and 18th holes. Our full menu is up and running and we’re now booking into 2023 for weddings. Our event space is a 200 person occupancy,” dramatically up from the old maximum of just over 100 persons.

As for the post-game watering hole, Whitton explained that as a community business their emphasis is on supporting local. “That’s for our F and B (food and beverage) services particularly. We have eight craft beers on tap, seven are micros. We source all our meats from Leduc, local meats. The menu is top-shelf.”

Of course, a golf course is for, uh, golfing, so when the thermometer bottoms out and the snow flies, the new clubhouse will house two indoor simulators. The Leduc GC was one of the first places in the area to offer this winter getaway-without-leaving-home and as  such they’re building on the popularity of this winter pastime.

“We built this into the new facility for increasing demand,” Whitton said about being able to tee off in Leduc during a January blizzard. “Both bays are Foresite GC Hawks, all overhead, and we built  a manual putting mat that splits the middle,” meaning when you have to hit a 15-foot putt for birdie, you actually do hit it 15 feet and not into a screen eight or nine feet away where you have to guesstimate the distance. “That means you’re not rolling the dice hitting into a screen,” which really, is the only downside to many simulators.

Those changes aren’t the only ones that have taken place at the Leduc Golf Club though. As well a number of tee boxes were “completely rebuilt,” said Whitton. “Hole eight has been rebuilt entirely with a ton of stonework. We laugh and call it “The Riddler,” because the tee box looks like a question mark from a drone shot. It’s given us so much more tee box. When golfers come out they’ll notice so many more enhancements, specifically tee boxes with a lot of stonework. And, honestly, since three years ago, we’ve invested a quarter million dollars into a greens’ protection program that’s just come out in spades.”

That they have, as every green here is as smooth as glass, the ball runs quickly and evenly, and  if putting is the strong suit in your game, you’re going to fall in love with these surfaces.

Overall, the reception by the public to all these changes has been overwhelmingly positive, Whitton  noted in closing.

“It was an expensive undertaking but we have a very strong relationship with the City of Leduc that we signed last summer. To be honest, I think there was probably some skepticism on the money spent (close to $4M) but now that they’ve seen what it’s done for Leduc, including hosting a national junior girls’ championship that drew people from all over the country, people are starting to see that this has now made us (and the city of Leduc) a destination. The golf course is gorgeous but the old facility just couldn’t hack it. With this new facility, it’s just blown up in bringing people to Leduc,” and because of that, this new clubhouse doesn’t just benefit the golf course but the entire community as a whole.

For tee times at the Leduc Golf & Country Cub, go to

New owners, new name, new focus on golf at Cattail Crossing G&WC

By Gord Montgomery – Western Canada Senior Writer, Inside Golf

When you  hear about changes happening at a golf course, you almost automatically think they’re replacing a bunker or two; altering a green; or adding a few new tee boxes. Well, as it turns out, Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club has gone a few steps above that.

The north Edmonton layout, formerly known as Hunter’s Green GC, went through a change of ownership in early 2021 and that new group decided to go all in, not only on the purchase but on the remodel of both the outside and inside of the club. As such, they made over the pro shop, the restaurant, and more importantly, the course itself.

“What’s unique is that the partners that came to the table own a large landscaping company and also a directional drilling company. What we did was survey the whole course because for years there were considerable drainage problems where four holes were almost under water,” co-owner Gord Schamehorn said in a previous interview with Inside Golf.

To alleviate those soggy issues, catch basins were installed that lead to the course’s aqua feeders, in this case a lake that is on the property. “All the water now flows to those aqua feeders and we have remedied the drainage areas that hampered the course for many, many years.”

And then going above and beyond that, Schamehorn noted, “We’ve added tee boxes on just about every hole,” both lengthening the course and adding spots for kids to tee it up further down the fairways closer to the greens. “We’re adding more trees and letting the fescue grasses grow to make it more challenging.”

Head Golf Professional Adam Peterson, another new add-on to the course, noted that this course remains very playable despite the numerous changes. “It’s definitely had some changes, adding in new mounding, adding in about 12 additional tees, adding length and shortening length,” although the actual yardage from the Blue tees changes only slightly from old to new, going from 6,093 yards to 6.191. From the front tees, the course now plays to 5,178 yards, down from 5595

In having the course change for the better, Pederson said, “I think we just addressed the issues, the drainage being a constant issue. We have a better product in front of you now. It’s much more playable. Those wet areas are now non-existent.”

While the greens weren’t replaced, they do offer some variety during your appointed rounds. “We have a good mix, some smaller table-top greens and then more large, contoured greens. There’s a great mix of golf out here which makes every hole very entertaining,” said the head pro. Despite those diffeences, the greens all run smoothly with a few subtle breaks but nothing that’s going to catch you by surprise when putting for those birdies.

The pro explained that the course is now a true risk-reward venue, where if  you want to gamble, and are successful with your bet, it will pay off big-time. However, miss your mark and those big numbers may appear on your scorecard more often than not. “You can play aggressively out there, but if you don’t hit the shot, it’s going to penalize you!” he warned.

As for scoring well here, and having fun, Pederson noted, “I find when I go out, playing the par-3s well is one of the most important things,” especially the 17th, which has water in front and bunkers behind the putting surface. “It produces a good challenge and you have to step up and hit a great golf shot even though you’ve likely got a mid- to short iron in hand.” There is also a good variety of distances on the shorties, running up to over 220 yards in one instance.

From the Front Deck

At Cattail, the one noticeable thing is the advantage that the front tee players receive on several holes. This isn’t a constant thing however, as some of those boxes are housed close to the Silver tees. An example of that is the fun, and rather short 16th hole, which plays to 283 yards from the Silver blocks and 271 from the front deck. In all, the foward tees are ideally located for shorter hitters, or beginning golfers, as they take some of the hazards more out of play, making the opening volley somewhat less intimidating. The thought that went into these boxes is appreciated, as angles and length were apparently determined and the boxes were not just dropped randomly closer to the green.

An Extra Bite

By the way, the Out of Bounds restaurant at Cattail Crossing G&WC, is an ideal way to wrap up your round. The meals here are delicious, and well presented, making the game recap on the patio or indoors an enjoyable experience at a golf course that has undergone a number of changes all of which are for the better.

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